Functions at District Level

District Industries Center (DIC)
The concept of District Industries Center came during the year 1977, when Government of India announced the new Industrial policy on 23.12.1977. It laid special stress on the development of Small Scale, Village and Cottage Industries and indicated that the "District Industries Centre" would be the main focus agency for promotion of small scale, village and cottage industries. In each district, one agency was created to deal with all requirements of small and village industries.
Joint Director is the head of the District Industries Centre. The post of Joint Director is of the rank of Special Deputy Commissioner (Revenue). The Joint Director is assisted by Deputy Director/ Assistant Director, Industrial Promotion Officer and Industrial Extension Officer at taluk level.
Monitoring of DICs
The functions and activities are monitored by the Directorate of Industries and Commerce.
A .Registration of MSMEs
  • Issue of Udyog Adhar certificates
B. Infrastructure Assistance to Entrepreneurs
  • Grievance redressal through the District Level Clearance Committee under the chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioner of the District.
  • Allotment of KIADB's land to MSME's in the District through District Level Clearance Committee.
  • Allotment of KSSIDC's Plot and Shed to MSME's in the District through District Level Clearance Committee.
  • Recommendation for loans from financial Institutions & banks.
C. Implementation of Incentives Scheme
  • Sanction and Disbursement of Investment Subsidy of Government of Karnataka
  • Inspection and recommendation of Investment Subsidy to food processing Industries of Government of India.
D. Employment Generation programmes
  • Implementation and Monitoring of Prime Minister Employment Generation programmes.
  • Implementation and Monitoring of Chief Minister Employment Generation programmes.
E. Special Component Plan (SCP) and Tribal Sub Plan (TSP)
  • Implementation and Monitoring of Special Component Plan (SCP) and Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) schemes to provide assistance to the SC and ST artisans;
  • Training.
  • Leaving cum worksheds.
  • Improved toolkits.
  • Soft seed capital.
  • Venture capital.
  • Equity Share.
  • Investment Subsidy
F. Entrepreneurship development and Awareness programmes.
  • Hobli level, Taluk level and District Level.
  • Vendor development programmes.
G. Other works
  • Arranging Buyer-Seller Meets.
  • District and Taluk level Industrial Exhibitions.
  • Cluster development programmes.
  • Sensitization programmes.
  • Recovery of departmental loans
  • Follow up of Industrial Approvals    
  • Implementation Sarojni Mahishi report
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