Functions at Industrial Wing of Zilla Panchayat


Deputy Director is the head of the Industrial Wing of Zilla Panchayath. The Deputy Director is assisted by Industrial Extension Officer at taluk level.

Monitoring of Industrial Wing of Zilla Panchayath

The functions and activities are monitored by the respective Zilla Panchayath and at the State Level by the Additional Director (DIC), Directorate of Industries and Commerce.


The main function of Industrial wing of Zilla Panchayath at the District level is to promote the village and cottage industries and to assist the artisans. The main functions are:

  • To provide training programmes.
  • To provide the living cum worksheds to artisans.
  • To provide seed capital to micro and small industries in rural.
  • To hold the promotional campaigns in rural to assist the artisans.
  • To provide the toolkits to artisans.
  • To do the artisan survey.
  • Recover of loans.
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ನಂ.49, 1ನೇ ಮಹಡಿ, ಸೌತ್ ಬ್ಲಾಕ್,
ಖನಿಜ ಭವನ, ರೇಸ್ ಕೋರ್ಸ ರಸ್ತೆ,
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