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Chikkamagaluru is the coffee land of Karnataka, the land that brewed the first coffee cup in India and continues to research on better quality of coffee for every cup. But with 611 food processing units and a 109% cropping intensity it's all set to promote and propagate food processing sector across its rich inventory of spice, fruits, flowers and plantation crops

Chikkamagaluru is spread across 7202 sq. km consisting of 7 taluks - Chikkamagaluru, Kadur, Koppa, Mudigere, N.R Pura, Sringeri and Tarikere in the south western part of the state. The district has a literacy rate of 79.25%

Economic Snapshot

Chikkamagaluru's total GDP stands at INR 52.22 billion, contributing 1.7% to state GSDP. It's per capita annual income in the district being INR. 66, 366. However, the GDDP trend has been growing at 6% CAGR from 2007-8 to 2012-13; with the agriculture and allied industries as the highest contributors at 4.2% for 2012-13.

Agriculture in Focus

Chikkamagaluru has 37.26% as net cultivated land of this, 58.10% land is utilized under agriculture for cereals like Paddy, Ragi, Maize and Jowar. However the climatic conditions lend itself for growing spices, fruits and flowers. Chikkamagaluru has spices like Pepper, Cardamom, Ginger, and Turmeric along with fruits like Banana, Mango, Mandarins, Sapota and this land is also used to grow Rose, Anthuriums, Chrysanthemum, and Marigold across 18.20% of land. Another 13.36% land is dedicated to cultivating pulses and a mere 2.36% grows commercial crops like Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Beetal Leaf.

Industrial Landscape

The agro friendly climate offers a perfect excuse to celebrate tourism. The Baba Budangiri hills and the neighboring Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, along with the horse shaped hill Kudremukh's National Park and very many temples make it a hotspot for vacationing. The district offers opportunity in the sector for Corporate Hospitality Centers and is earmarked with a 2 billion project in the current edition of GIM. The climatic condition here coupled with fertile soil are potent to augment the already strengthened sector with 35% MSME engaged in various food processing industries.

The other focus area in the district is Education. The district has 73 Pre universities and plans for more Private universities and R&D Park with an investment of 8 billion is on the anvil. With 3 industrial estates and one industrial area the district is well set to steer new developments with proposed 3 industrial areas, One industrial Park, one industrial Areas and one Industrial estate are proposed in Chikkamagaluru, Kadur and Koppa Taluks respectively.

The 141 veterinary institutions and technical institutions provide knowledge to farmers and bring to focus a largely untapped potential education sector. Textile and wood based industries are also in focus for development here.

Land and Soil

Chikkamagaluru has nearly 25.45% of its land as forest cover. However the 37.26% of the land is utilized for plantation cultivation. It still has 12.18% of its land remaining along with 25.10% uncultivated land.
With varied agro climatic conditions and fertile soil conditions, the district has a cropping intensity of 109%. The natural resource especially Bauxite, China Clay, Iron Ore, Quartz, Building Stone, Sand is found in this region.

Water Reserves

Chikkamagaluru is the birth place of six rivers - Thunga, Bhadra, Hemavathi, Vedavathi, Yagachiand and Netravathi. The district’s water needs are met from Hirekolale tank, Honnammanagalla and borewells with plans to get water permanently from Yagachi Reservoir back waters. The net irrigated area is 12% to the net area sown in this region.
The average water consumption in the district is 200 MLD for domestic and 5 MLD is the Industry Consumption. However the average demand in the district for Domestic is 1200 million units and Industrial demand stands at 12 million units.

Power Supply

Transmission to the district is done by Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Company Ltd. The Chikkamagaluru district is served with power received from Sharavathi Hydroelectric project and Bhadra power generating station
Chikkamagaluru district is fed power from Master receiving station Shivamogga (Shimoga) on 110 KV and 66 KV transmission lines. .
KPTCL plans to Establish a 2*11 MVA substation at Hiremagalur near our Amble industrial area which in future, helps industrialists of Amble industrial area in getting quality power through express feeder.
There are proposals for 110 kV MUSS of 1*10 MVA at Herenallur and Anthrgatta village of Birur sub division.
KPTCL plans to establish substations at Kalasapura, Yagati, Neralakere, Shivani, and Muthinakoppa in addition to upgrading few stations, replacing transformers and circuit breakers and providing additional transformers.
The districts average annual consumption of power is 980 million for domestic and the Industry consumption is 7.5 Million Units. The demand however is higher with both Domestic demanding 1200 Million Units and the Industrial demand stands at 12 million units.

Knowledge Capital

Chikkamagaluru has a good focus on higher education with 73 Degree colleges and 1 Engineering college and 1 Horticulture college here. It also has 2 Ayurveda colleges, 20 ITI’s and 22 general colleges. Some of the prominent educational institutions and training centers include Chamrajnagar Nursing Colleges, JSS Women’s College of Arts along with Govt. Engineering College and Government Polytechnic.

Medical Resources

The civic infrastructure for healthcare is well spread and catered across by 88 Primary healthcare centers and 05 Community centers, 5 Indian System of Medicine Hospitals and 283 General Hospitals and Nursing Homes in the district.


Chikkamagaluru is well connected across Road, Rail, Air, and Sea. Two national highways NH206 and NH 13 go through the district and a 95 km rail route with 11 railway stations connects the region to all major cities across India. The district has access to Kempegowda International Airport and three other domestic airports – Mysuru (Mysore) Hubballi (Hubli) and Mangaluru (Mangalore). Its sea port access include Mangaluru (Mangalore), Karwar, Goa and Chennai.

Additional project

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