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The second most advanced district in the state, Dharwad is uniquely positioned between Bengaluru and Mumbai and is an important business center in the state. Dharwad delivers with the services sector with highest contribution to the state GSDP and is witnessing augments to enhance the potential of other thrust areas in the region.

The district is spread across 5 Talukas - Dharwad, Hubballi, Kalghatagi, Kundagol & Navalgund and naturally divides itself as 3 natural regions, viz., the Malnad, Semi-Malnad and Maidan affecting the agriculture and economy here. It has a literacy rate of 80.3%

Economic Snapshot

Dharwad's total GDP is a solid INR 88.64 billion contributing 3% to state GSDP. It's per capita annual income in the district being INR.71, 865. However, the GDDP trend remains steady at 5% CAGR from 2007-8 to 2012-13; with the services sector delivering the highest contribution of 3.4% to the state.

Agriculture in Focus

Agriculture is a focus area in Dharwad, with Floriculture, Animal Husbandry and Food Processing Sector driving the segment here. It has 56.89% net sown land cultivating Cereals like Jowar, Wheat, Bengal Gram & Tur, its Commercial crops include Ground nut, Onions, Maize and Cotton and Sunflower. The Horticulture produce are Mango, Sapota, Banana, Guava, Coconut and Cashew, Chilly including Potato and Onion. Dharwad is rich in local varieties of high quality Chilly i.e. Dyavanoor local and Byadagi with a major trade center at Hubballi.

The district also has 109 Veterinary Institutions, 2 Livestock Breeding Farms and 1 semen collection center to establish focus on Animal Husbandry exclusively. It also has well established milk producers cooperative societies adding thrust to this sector.

Industrial Landscape

Dharwad delivers with the services sector and is witnessing augments to enhance the potential of other thrust areas in the region. The ready to occupy 264000 sq. ft. of IT workspace in Hubballi (Hubli), a proposed IT SEZ in Dharwad, special concessions for electronic, telecom and software sectors here with the presence of major player like Telcon has added a new found vibrancy both for the IT sector.

Engineering and automobile industries too are on a growth trajectory with the districts largest quantum of SSI units nearly 14% of them engaged in engineering and auto industries. The presence of major players like Apex Auto India Ltd sparks success trial for others to follow.

Dharwad is well set with its 8 industrial area and 5 estates with the existing IT/BT zone and industry specific zone for automobile, readymade garment and food processing adding confidence to the district. However the growth and potential of the region is further augmented with proposed apparel zone with SKDC which gives this sector a huge opportunity for development. It has 25 large and medium scale industries and 18,203 small scale industries valued at INR 11.994 billion and 5.881 billion respectively.

The fertile soil, large agro based productions of both food and non-food crops are potent for agro food processing industries here. Presence of 3 agro-climatic zones, high end research based agriculture universities & testing labs, presence of high number of women SHGs are value additions for the region.

Availability of tanks and reservoirs for Inland Fisheries, conducive climatic conditions and KMF to lead by example offers huge potential for Animal Husbandry and Sericulture with support infrastructure like cocoon market, reeling and training institutes well set is another potent sectors under focus here.

Land and Soil

Dharwad has a land utilization of 56.89% for agriculture, holding 7.42% of uncultivated land and 7.75% forest cover along with 27.94% remaining land. The district has different types of soil and climatic conditions favoring multiple crops and activities here.
The mineral reserves in the district are distinct with Building Stone, Clay, Black Cotton Soil, Jelly Stones amongst others.

Water Reserves

Bennihalla of Krishna basin, Bedthi and Shalmala are the three major rivers in the district. The district is 92% rain fed as the region is highly dependent on rainwater, irrigation facilities, tank and reservoirs along with ground water.
The net irrigated area is 90.4 % to the net area sown in the region as the per capita production of water through surface sources is 191 MLD and through underground sources 13 MLD. However the total water supply in the district is 86.3 MLD and per capita supply stands at 135 LPCD.

Power Supply

Dharwad power transmission is done by Hubballi (Hubli) Electricity Supply Company Limited (HESCOM).
However it has various avenues of power including Dharwad Bioenergy Private Limited that has set up 10 MW Biomass Power Project at Dharwad and in the wind power segment, projects have been proposed at Hanumanamatti and Kappatagudda. The total supply capacity to the district is 335 MVA.

Knowledge Capital

Dharwad has a huge network of educational institutes’ 150 Pre University colleges, 21 Degree colleges, and 9 Polytechnic colleges.
The district key institutions include Karnataka University, The University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, The Karnataka Law University and Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) along with newly proposed IIIT (Indian Institute of Information Technology) at Dharwad.

Medical Resources

The healthcare facilities at Dharwad are well set with a voluminous 981 Private Hospitals, 42 Primary Healthcare Centers, 59 Allopathic Hospitals and 16 Ayurveda Hospitals here.



The support infrastructure connects the district very well across 3 National Highways NH 4, NH 63 and NH 218 and 4 State Highways on road and 218 kms of railway line with 21 railway stations connects it major cities easily. It has good flight connectivity with 3 International and 2 Domestic airports while the Karwar, Mangaluru (Mangalore) and Goa Port aid connectivity across sea.

The district is well geared on its infrastructure readiness with the Bengaluru – Mumbai Economic Corridor initiating land acquisition for 4871 acres of the planned 14585 acres. The Dharwad node here has the potential to become globally competitive in Heavy Engineering, Automobiles, Auto and Engineering Ancillary, Aerospace and Defense.

Similarly SEZ project on 12.15 ha of land for IT/ITES has been developed by KIADB and The Centre has granted formal approval to Infosys to develop the SEZ at an area of 17.42 ha.
The proposed City Gas Distribution Project with a network cover of 4223 sq. km. in Dharwad district has been authorized to M/s Indian Oil-Adani Gas Private Ltd. The 1520 inch-km plan over 5 years will cover Dharwad district.

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