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Gadag is the fast emerging hub for power sector with a 4555 MW wind power project and 700 MW gas based unit. With a land bank of 3200 acres and a proposed steel zone; Gadag is on a fast track to development

Gadag is spread across 4657 consisting of 5 taluks - Nargund, Ron, Gadag, Shirahatti, and Mundargi in the western part of North Karnataka. The district has a literacy rate of 75.12%

Economic Snapshot

Gadag's total GDP stands at INR 35.64 billion, contributing 1.2% to state GSDP and it's per capita annual income in the district being INR. 51,014. However, the GDDP trend has been growing at 3.7% CAGR from 2007-8 to 2012-13; with the services sector is the highest contributors at 1.4% for 2012-13.

Agriculture in Focus

Gadag has a good focus on the agriculture sector with the net sown area a huge 86%. The cropping pattern adopts a healthy mix of varied crops. It allots 40% of net sown land to cereals, with pulses and oilseeds take up 26% and 24% respectively.

The horticulture crops in the region include Mango, Sapota, Banana, Grapes, Pomegranate including vegetables like Tomato, Onion, Brinjal, Chilli and Plantation Crop - Coconut and Oil Palm. IT also grows Medicinal and Aromatics plants like Amla, Ashwagandha, Citronella, & Lemongrass

Industrial Landscape

Gadag has agriculture as its highest employment generator with 40% of SSI engaged in this sector lending itself as Agro-investment region. The presence of two climatic zone, both black and red soil, moderate rainfall and increasing irrigation system amply provides for growing both long term and short term crop, mixing and intercropping enhancing productivity levels here. It has an APMC yard (State Warehouse) of 7004 MT is present in Betegeri adding to the infrastructure.

8,088 small-scale industries with aggregated investment INR 10.999 billion and 5 Large and Medium scale Industries with aggregated investment INR 5,385 Crore along with 94 factories form the industrial landscape of Gadag. 6 Industrial Estate & 1 Gadag Co-Operative Industrial Estate serve the needs of the thriving industries. 3200 acres of land is identified for investment opportunities in Jantli, Shirur, Petalur, Telagi and Mevundi villages of Mundaragi Taluk

The MSME cluster in power loom, textile training college and a large talent pool of skilled workers forms a perfect ecosystem for the textile sector here. Other focus sectors include Metal Ware well promoted by the Artisan Cluster and community; Sugar Industry, Machine Tools, Furniture and Paper Products, Tourism that attracts both spiritual and leisure travelers throughout the year.

Land and Soil

Gadag is spread across a total area of 4, 65,715 ha. The agro climatic conditions across two zones the North Dry and North Transitional Zone with both Black and Red Sandy Soil help in cultivating varied crops.
The district has natural resource of Quartz, Iron Ore, O B Sand, O B Clay and O B Stone

Water Reserves

Gadag has Malaprabha flowing in adjoining district. Nargund and Ron are covered by canal irrigation from this Malaprabha project. Barring north and north-western part of the district which is irrigated by canals, the district largely depends on ground water resources for irrigation. The district net irrigated area is 19% of the net area sown.

Power Supply

Transmission to the district is done by Hubbali (Hubli) Electricity Supply Company Limited (HESCOM). However power generation is handled by various organizations like NTPC, KPCL, etc. and alternate resources like wind mill in Gadag.
The renewable energy scenario is vibrant here with BPCL allotted 42.5 MW wind project in Gadag District. The Bhoruka Power Corporation Ltd will set 8.9MW wind farm in 3 phases Enercon has set up 22.8 MW wind power project and Tata Power registers its 50.4MW wind project at Gadag, under the Clean Development Mechanism.

Knowledge Capital

Gadag has a good number of institutions – A good 93 PU and 19 Degree colleges; along with 25 ITIs and 7 Polytechnic colleges and 4 Ayurvedic and 3 Engineering colleges in the district. The education network is filled with varied disciplines to aid well round development. Some of the key institutes are Gadag Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS), K.L.E Society’s, S. A. Manvi Law College, Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic Medical College, J. N. Fine Arts College and R. T. E Society’s Rural Engineering College

Medical Resources

The civic infrastructure for healthcare in Gadag is well spread and caters across its 39 primary healthcare centers and 2 community centers available in the district. However the 482 private hospitals anchor the services along with 4 Ayurvedic hospitals in the region providing good healthcare to all.


Gadag is highly connected across Road, Rail, Air, and Sea. NH63 and NH 218 pass through the district. It has good rail connectivity across many broad gauge rail links with new proposed railway lines adding more accessibility. 2 International Airports – Bengaluru & Goa along with 2 Domestic airports - Hubbali (Hubli) and Belagavi (Belgaum) and 3 seaports – Karwar, Mangaluru (Mangalore) & Chennai ensure good accessibility by Air and Sea routes for the region.

Additional project

Wind mill projects are coming up in Mundaragi, Shirahatti & Gadag taluka.

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