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Identified as one of the nodes on the Bengaluru – Mumbai Economic Corridor from Karnataka, Haveri is of growing importance with potential growth. The district comprises of world famous chilly market at Byadagi and is a major export hub for Byadagi chilly. A 120 acre Spice Park is proposed to further spice up the affairs in the district.

The district is located right in the center of Karnataka equidistance from Bidar in North and Kollegal in South region. It has two sub-divisions namely Haveri and Savanur with seven taluks namely Hanagal, Shiggaon, Savanur, Haveri, Byadagi, Hirekerur, & Ranebennur. The district has a literacy rate of 77.60%

Economic Snapshot

Haveri’s total GDP stands at INR 44.52 billion, contributing 1.5%to state GSDP. It’s per capita annual income in the district being Rs.45, 581. However, the GDDP trend has been growing at 3.6% CAGR from 2007-08 to 2012-13; with the Agriculture and Allied industries reigning with a total contribution of 13.24 billion amounting to 3.15% of the state’s agriculture sector.

Agriculture in Focus

Agriculture is the mainstay of Haveri with 69.51% of its net area under cultivation and of this a major portion of land about 61.51% of the net sown area is focused on growing Cereals alone. Maize, Paddy, Jowar, Hybrid Cotton, Ground nut, Chilly, Ragi, Pulses are the major crops in the district.
The district is rich in spice cultivation. The major spice industry here is the chilly powder mills. There is also a chilly processing facility in the district.

Industrial Landscape

1 Mega and 9 Large and medium industries with aggregated investment INR 10.7052 billion and 10,031 small-scale industries with aggregated investment INR 2.201 billion form the industrial landscape that is well supported by 5 Industrial Estates in the district; this even as KSSIDC is set to develop 10 acres of Industrial Estate in Ranebennur.
The spice advantage of the region is well harnessed as the State Government strategically proposed a 120 acre Spice Park to further enhance the scope of spice cultivation in the district. An agro-food sector project with an investment of INR 1 billion is also approved; this apart from an Agri-Investment region which will comprise of Agriculture SEZ, Agri-Engineering, Agri-Research units, Primary Processing Centers etc. are to add an impetus for potent growth opportunity in the sector.
Dairy development and Poultry are major activities with Sheep and Goat rearing specific to a few communities in Haveri and Ranebennur taluk. Sericulture is another major activity practiced in the region, but potentially strong in Ranibennur with its 600 hectares of mulberry area - However excellent agro-climatic conditions conducive for high value horticultural/mulberry cultivation and quality seed production across the district.
The presence of large players like Grasim Industries Ltd, Kumarpattanam, Ranebennur and Harihar Polyfibres are well complimented by other services Farmers’ Co-operative Spinning Mill Ltd involved in cotton yarn adds momentum to the textiles sector in the region.

Land and Soil

Haveri has a total area of 4, 85,156 ha. The land is mostly utilized for agriculture about 69.51% and rest comprises forest cover of 9.05%, uncultivated land 10.78% and some remaining land 10.66% to spare. It has excellent agro-climatic conditions conducive for high-value horticultural cultivation and quality seed production.
Haveri has natural resources that include China Clay, Sand and Building Stone.

Water Reserves

Haveri district has 3 important rivers Tungabhadra, Dhama & Varada flowing through the district

The average demand of water in the district is different for both Industry and Domestic sector with Industry requiring 79,100 Gallon and Domestic needs being 6, 33, 99,000 Gallon of water ; However the average consumption in the district is lower in both Industry at 55, 37,000 Gallon and Domestic with 3, 16, 99,500 Gallon of water.

Power Supply

Haveri power transmission in the district is done by Hubballi (Hubli) Electricity Supply Company Ltd. (HESCOM). Power generation is handled by the Biomass Power Project in Haveri District.

The district has a total supply capacity of 1628 KVA with average power need of the industry being 28.56 MU and domestic need at 135.48 MU. However, the consumption is well within the demand limit with industry consumption hovering around 19.295 MU and Domestic consumption being 94.836 MU

Knowledge Capital

Haveri has a small band of educational institutes catering to the learning needs of the region. This includes 69 Colleges, 2 Engineering colleges, 1 Medical college and 1 Polytechnics.
Some of the prominent educational institutes in the district include Govt. Engineering College, Haveri, S.T.J Institute Of Technology, Ranebennur, B.R.Tambakad Arts, Commerce and Science College, Hirekerur, JESS Sri Kumareshwar Education College, Hangal and P V S Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Ranebennur.

Medical Resources

54 Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Clinics, 132 Allopathic Hospitals, 16 Ayurvedic Hospitals, along with 67 Primary Health Centers and 5 Community Health Centers constitute the established healthcare infrastructure at Haveri.


Haveri is well connected by 86 kms of railway line passing through the district (i.e. Bengaluru-Hubballi-Mumbai railway line which passes through Ranebennur, Haveri, Byadagi and Savanur Towns).
The Bengaluru –Pune National Highway 4 passes through Ranebennur, Haveri and Shiggaon Towns in the District) passes through the district. It has 103 km of National Highway passing through it.
Haveri has 3 International Airports and 2 Domestic Airport covering its air routes and 3 seaports Goa, Karwar, Mangaluru ports provide the sea links here.
The District is an identified node for development along the Bengaluru – Mumbai Economic Corridor identified by Karnataka. Currently, the priority nodes have been considered for development. However, the district has infrastructure readiness very tangibly laid out with 8 cold storages that already ready for use.

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