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A bustling business district Ramanagara is a hotspot for keen investors. It is well connected by road, rail, port and airport and is only a mere 50 km from Bengaluru city. Highly potent with notified land banks of 12199.13 acres and a diverse investment portfolio in urban infrastructure, textiles and apparels, food processing, media, tourism development and export promotions is the highlight attraction here.
Ramanagara was carved out of the erstwhile Bangalore Rural district on 23 Aug 2007 and it comprises of 4 talukas – Channapatna, Kanakapura, Ramanagara, and Magadi.

Economic Snapshot

Ramanagara’s total GDP is a solid INR 56.39 billion contributing 1.9% to state GSDP. It’s per capita annual income in the district being INR.70, 095. However, the GDDP trend remains strong at 10% CAGR from 2007-8 to 2012-13; with the Agriculture and Allied industries contributing 2.6% the highest to the state.

Agriculture in Focus

Ramanagara distributes its net sown land of 35.43% amongst different crop. Ragi is a major crop followed by paddy and groundnut. Cereals cover a 58.16% of the net sown area, Pulses have 11.48%, oilseeds have 4.67% and commercial crops are grown across 0.86% of the cultivated land and others form 24.73%.
Horticulture crops include Mango, Banana, Sapota, Guava, Grapes, Tomato, Potato, Beans, Chilies, Brinjal, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Gourds, etc. Floriculture includes Rose, Jasmine, Marigold, Chrysanthemum, and Crossandra.
Ramanagara also has major production of mangoes and bananas along with Mango ripening chambers and banana chips manufacturing. It is well known for the availability of Medicinal plants at Savanadurga, Magadi Taluk..

Industrial Landscape

Ramanagara has 64 Large and Medium scale Industries and 1,633 small-scale industries with aggregated investment INR 1.694 billion. The district has 2 industrial areas and 4 industrial estates catering to the needs of the region. However, two new industrial parks along with an industrial area for Printing and Textiles are proposed to augment the sector. Ramanagara has identified huge land bank of 13817.40 acres and 12199.13 acres of this is notified too.
It is earmarked to be a textile hub with Asia’s largest cocoon market housed here. State Government has proposed an integrated textile park and KIADB has identified 125 acres of land at Harisandra village and2 SEZ in Advanced R&D and textiles sector each with an investment of US$ 559 million (INR 2,683 crores) and US$ 25 million (INR 120 crores) each contributes to Ramanagara status as emerging garment hub.
.Handicrafts and rich cultural heritage like Chennapatna toys made famous world over for their official presence in white house is set to drive export zones too with cluster activities promoting it.
The auto and auto ancillary industries led by the presence of Toyota manufacturing units with recent investments of US$ 5 Billion is catalyzing the automotive zone; as proposed by the SKDC development plan.
Food processing is a thrust area with scope for the establishment of Ragi and mango processing factory. Technology advancement and mechanization to drive better yield and grow more including processing of dry fruits are identified investment areas in the region.

Land and Soil

Ramanagara has a land utilization of 35.43% for agriculture holding other uncultivated land of 19.77% and 17.21% forest cover along with remaining land area of 27.59%.Availability of different types of soils aid growing varieties of crops. Granite and Building stones are the natural resources found in abundance here.

Water Reserves

Arakavati and Kanva are the two main rivers in Ramanagara district. The district heavily relies on Kanva, Manchinbele and Horobele as the main source for minor irrigation projects in the region. A whopping 92% of the cultivable area is rain fed. However efforts at ground water conservation and watershed management form the current thrust areas of public Water investment here.
The district has a total water supply of 7.5 MLD with a per capita Water supply of 48LPCD
Average Demand in the district is 90000 kld for industry and 100000 kld for domestic segment. The average annual consumption is same for the Industry at 90000 kld and lower with Domestic segment at 38600 kld.

Power Supply

Transmission in the district is being done by Bengaluru (Bangalore) Electricity Supply Company Limited (BESCOM)
Power generation is anchored by 1400 MW combined cycle gas-based power plant along with innovative technologies including Smart Grid that are being rolled out in the region.
The district average demand for power is 34731 Units for industry and 4775 Units for domestic sector. Average annual consumption by the Industry is 5405 Units and 1089 Units by the domestic segment in the district.

Knowledge Capital

Ramanagara has its own band of limited educational institutes with 10 Degree colleges, 6 Engineering colleges, 5 Polytechnics and 18 ITI’s that complete the profile here.
Some of the key institutes are Jain University, Kanakpura Road, M. H. D. Ed College, M. H. Institute of Management Science, M. H. School of Nursing, Government Engineering College, Amrita Institute of Technology and Ghousia Engineering College among others

Medical Resources

The healthcare facilities portfolio is well balanced at Ramanagara
69 Government hospitals and 61 primary health centers anchor the needs of the population well supported by the 70 Allopathy hospitals and 4 community centers here. 5 Indian System of Medicine Hospital also contributes to form a strong network of healthcare providers in the district.


Ramanagara has National Highway 206 and 209 passing through the district adding road access. It has railway connectivity to Bangalore, Mysore and other locations with 6 Railway Stations with 44kms of railway line in the district. The
Double line conversion of Bangalore –Mysore is set to enhance accessibility to the region. The air connectivity is excellent with access to 3 international and 2 domestic airports. Across Sea the district is connected via Chennai, Kochi, Karwar, Mangaluru and Goa Ports.

Ramanagara is one of the nodes identified along the proposed Chennai - Bengaluru Industrial Corridor, currently the priority nodes are considered for development here. However the readiness factor for infrastructure is high with both the private land and infrastructure available for establishment of Apparel and Textile units at Kodihally, Satanur and other places of Kanakapura Taluk.
Ramanagara has 2 out of 8 clusters identified under ADB supported programme for city cluster development.

Additional project

Proposal for Conversion Bangalore-Mysore Road into 6 lanes

Proposal for Improvement of Roads in Bidadi Industrial area (Rs. 0.15 billion

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