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Vijayapura employs the highest number of people in SSI with nearly 35% of these engaged in Food and Beverage sector. However, excellent climatic conditions have further opened up the wine grape cultivation creating a potent opportunity for wine tourism in a district well-endowed with tourist attraction for global travellers round the year.
The 2,177,331 populations of Vijayapura are spread across 5 taluks Vijayapura , Basavana, Bagewadi, Indi, Muddebihal, and Sindagi. The district has a literacy rate of 67.15%.

Economic Snapshot

Vijayapura's (Bijapur's) total GDP stands at INR 56.08 billion, contributing 1.8%to state GSDP. It's per capita annual income in the district being Rs.45, 912. However, the GDDP trend has been growing at 3.6% CAGR from 2007-8 to 2012-13; with the agriculture and the allied industries reigning with a total contribution of 15.43 billion amounting to 3.6% of the state's agriculture sector.

Agriculture in Focus

Vijayapura is uniquely placed with an agriculture profile that has a per capita cultivable land of 32 Ha with a fertilizer consumption of 46.25 kg per Ha; this is well below the state average of 133.73 kg. It offers a huge potential for organic farming. Vijayapura cultivates Major food crops - Jowar, Bajra, Maize, Wheat, Millets, Bengal Gram, Tur, Horse Gram, Green Gram, Sunflower, Safflower, Niger, Sesame, Soya Bean, Linseed, Groundnut. Its Horticulture crops include Grapes and Pomegranate, Chilli, Turmeric, Tamarind, Lemon, Eggplant, Tomato, Ladies finger and two main cash crops - Sugarcane and Cotton

Industrial Landscape

Vijayapura is a throbbing center of SSI, nearly 10.424 units that define the industrial landscape of the region; with the highest number of people employed here, the MSME sector is a driving force. Vijayapura has nearly 35% engaged in agro and food processing industry which is set to further enhance with a proposed food processing zone in the region.

Excellent climatic conditions for wine grapes cultivation has witnessed major wineries like Hampi Heritage Winery, Reco Winery, and Nisarga Winery sector trial blaze opportunities for wine tourism here. The region already recognized with world heritage sites and renowned tourist attraction is sure to propel this new segment set to augment it.

Another sector owing its success to the good climatic conditions here is sericulture with seasonal silk-worm rearing practice. Presently the district cultivates M-5; S-36 & S-13 varieties of mulberry leading to rise in sericulture in Vijayapura led by high returns.

Vijayapura with its 3 rivers has a growing focus on inland fishing especially the immense scope for ornamental fish breeding promoted by Fisheries Research and Information Centre in Vijayapura City. Vijayapura has another 15% engaged in textiles even as engineering, solar energy, cement and steel and even animal husbandry vie for its place in the economic pie.

Land and Soil

Vijayapura’s (Bijapur‘s) land utilization is a huge 79.40% as net cultivated area for agriculture with a uncultivated area of 1.56%, and a minuscule 0.19% of forest land. The district has 3 types of soils including Black Soil, Red Sandy Soil, and Mixed Soil.
Vijayapura has natural resources that include Limestone, Building stone and Dolomite.

Water Reserves

Vijayapura has three rivers in its district namely Krishna, Doni and Bhima. Apart from the existing rivers and rainfall, the district has extensive irrigation system using groundwater, groundwater from reservoirs and canals. Almatti Dam built across Krishna River acts as a major reservoir of the Upper Krishna Project and it helps the district irrigate a net area of 19.4% of the net area sown.
The average demand in the district for water is 0.24 MLD and 83.82 MLD for Industry and Domestic segment respectively. Average consumption by Industry is 0.12 MLD and Domestic uses 68.08 MLD.

Power Supply

Vijayapura power transmission in the district is done by Hubballi (Hubli) Electricity Supply Company Ltd. (HESCOM).
Power generation is done at Almatti Dam built across Krishna River which has an annual output of 560 MU. However, further augmentation is on the anvil with varied organizations like NTPC’s 4000 MW super critical coal based thermal power plant at Kudgi in Vijayapura District with an Investment of INR. 199.68 billion.

KREDL is planning a 1000 acre solar park in the Mannur village, Sindagi Taluk having a capacity of 500 MW. Fortune Five Hydel Projects Pvt. Ltd., is about to start the wind farm in the Basavana Bagewadi town with an assumed capacity of 100.8 MW .The Average demand for power in the district for Industry is 2309.38 LU and Domestic seeks 6438.46 LU. However average annual consumption is 56.10 MU for the Industry and 18.77 MU for the domestic segment.

Knowledge Capital

Vijayapura has a strong network of higher educational institutes including 66 Degree colleges; along with 2 Engineering, 2 Medical and 5 Polytechnic colleges and 67 Industrial training institutes. The growing network of training institutes reflects the establishment of HRD centers in each of the employment exchange in the district.
Some of the prominent educational and higher learning institutes in the district include B. L. D. E Association’s School of Business Management, Malik Sandal Institute of Art & Architecture, S. G. M .D. Ed. College and SECAB Institute of Engineering & Technology.

Medical Resources

A staggering 856 Private Hospitals, Nursing homes and Clinics, 81 Government hospitals, 9 community health centers along with 60 primary health centers form the core healthcare infrastructure at Vijayapura.



Vijayapura support infrastructure is well set with a proposed Airport for 2 billion over 728-acre land. However, it is well-connected by road with 2 National highways running across the eastern and central part of the district. Rail connects to all major cities from this region and accessibility to Goa and Karwar port is at equidistance of 365 km; with Domestic airports of Belagavi (Belgaum) and Hubballi (Hubli) and International airports at Goa, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru (Bangalore) has it covered across the road, rail, sea, and air route.

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