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The most recently formed district in the Karnataka state – the 30th is one of the most lucrative region for investment. Located in the North east part of the State surrounded by Kalaburgi (Gulbarga) in the North, Raichur in the South, Vijayapura (Bijapur) in the West and Hedal of AP in the East; The district was carved out from the erstwhile Kalaburgi (Gulbarga) district as the 30th district of Karnataka on 31st Dec 2010.

Yadgir is spread across 5270 sq.km comprising 3 Talukas namely Shahapur, Shorapur and Yadgir; with Yadgir as the district headquarter, it is situated at a distance of 530 Km from Bangalore.

Economic Snapshot

Yadgir’s total GDP stands at INR 23.47 billion contributing a mere 0.8% to state GSDP. It’s per capita annual income in the district being INR. 38,097. However, the GDDP trend has begun to grow at 0.6% CAGR from 2007-08 to 2012-13; with the Agriculture and Allied sector as the highest contributors at 1.4% for 2012-13.

Agriculture in Focus

Yadgir has 50.70% of its land under cultivation. The region’s top three cultivated crops include Cereals with 39.92%, Pulses with 28.74% and Commercial Crops with 17.09% of the net sown area. Net sown area is 87 per cent of the total cultivable land area, which is 13821.94 square kilometers.
Jowar, paddy, Red Gram, Sunflower, Groundnut are the major crops grown in the district. With cotton and sugarcane as major commercial crops

Industrial Landscape

Yadgir District is a developing industrial area rich in uranium resources. Availability of processed Uranium used for defense and power generation purposes is set to ignite potent industries here.
The district has one sugar and fuel industry ’core green’ and a 1941 Micro and Small medium enterprise and 1 Large and Medium Scale Industry registered by 2011. The district has huge land banks of 3,232 acres reserved for industrial purpose with 2 Industrial Estates and 2 Industrial Area spread across 250km in existence here.
Handloom is the traditional craft in the district with about 1000 looms spread all over the district as per 2011 Census.
However many industrial infrastructure projects are proposed for the region including a Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Mega Textile Zone of 1000 acres, Food Processing unit, Cotton Based Industry, Quartz Industry and Power Plants

Land and Soil

Yadgir has a total land area of 516088 ha with 5.89% forest cover. It holds 12.63% uncultivated land and 30.79% remaining land is available. Yadgir has a vast stretch of fertile black cotton soil present in the district.
It has natural resources like Building Stone, Copper, Gold, Feldspar, Quartz, Lime Stone, Amethyst and Uranium

Water Reserves

Yadgir’s main source of water supply that accounts for over 90% of the city's water supply is River Bhīma, which has its origin in neighboring state Maharashtra.
However the surface water is also received by water abstraction from Doddahalla, a natural stream. The total water supply in the district is 22 MLD.

These resources aid irrigation along with other medium irrigation projects in the district like Hattikuni and Soudha ghar. The district also has 36 lift irrigation schemes and 445 minor irrigation tanks that help irrigate 14% to the net area sown in the region.

Power Supply

Yadgir power supply transmission is done by Kalaburgi (Gulbarga) Electricity Supply Company Ltd. (GESCOM).
The district has power generation units existing and proposed to manage its power needs. Kadechur power project is a proposed 1320 MW coal-fired power plant promoted by Atlas Power India at Yadgir district. However, Hydel power plant under the Chayadevi Hydro Power Scheme with an Installed Capacity of 24 MW near Narayanpur in Shorapur Taluk is operational.
The current average annual consumption of power in the district is 67.95 million units by domestic and 38 million units by industries.

Knowledge Capital

Yadgir has a limited educational institutions catering to the people in the region.
The district has 3 Degree Colleges and 3 ITI with one each of Engineering College, Polytechnic and an Agricultural University.
Some of the key institutions of higher learning are Nivedita Education Society
Don Bosco School & College, Jawahar Education Society and R.V. Education Trust amongst others

Medical Resources

The civic infrastructure for healthcare is well covered by 42 Primary Healthcare Centres and 164 Community Healthcare Centre’s including Ayurveda, Allopathic and Private Hospitals.


Yadgir is well connected for accessibility across Road, Rail, Air and Sea. Two National Highways - NH 12and NH 206 along with State Highway 15 connect the region by road to the rest of India. The district however is well connected to the Metro cities by like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi.
The nearest Seaport is Goa at 520 kms and closest Airport being Hyderabad at 180 km for Yadgir.

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